Lord, invest me with Your Power
     as I prepare to proclaim the marvel of Your Message.
I have prepared my reading,
I have tried to take within me the meaning
     of what I am about to read:
     help me, I ask, to read not just with my lips
     but with my whole heart and soul.

Lord, make me a hollow reed so that Your Voice
     will be heard by all who hear me.

Free me of excessive concern over my performance,
     over the impression I create in this Sacred Action.

Convert my feelings of nervousness,
     turn all my apprehensions into an energy for proclaiming
     Your Word with power and authority.

Liturgical Minister Schedule

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If you are unable to fill your assigned spot please find a replacement. If you have any scheduling issue or anything related to the ministry of Lectors, or if you would like to become a Lector, please contact:

Craig Cook, phone: (801) 680-2564