Altar Server

Altar Server's


Dear Lord Jesus,
thank you for calling me to serve you at your Holy Altar.
During the celebration of the Eucharist
I know that the priest takes your place when,
together with your people and in the name of the Church,
he makes present again your passion, death and Resurrection.
Help me to carry out my role with prayerful dignity and participation
in this memorial of the Last Supper.
Let me remain close to you on earth
that one day I may share in your glory.


Liturgical Minister Schedule

Training Material


Training pamphlet  (10 basic things you should have memorized)

Picture guide # 1 (Where to stand, ringing the bells & holding the book)

Picture guide # 2 (The four things needed to set the altar)

Please, no improper hand gestures during Mass

When to genuflect, bow and cross yourself

Training Guide (Detailed guide that goes through the entire mass)

If you are unable to fill your assigned spot, please find a replacement. If you have any scheduling issue or anything related to the ministry of altar servers, or if you would like to become an altar server, please contact:

Dennis or Tom Blockovich, phone: (801)859-7208


School Altar Server

Classes are given by the Deacon or Priest at Scheduled times.