Religious Education

The parish is the center of faith formation for Catholics. Every person in your pews, every Catholic in your parish community…child or adult…is on their own journey toward Christ and a life of discipleship.

Religious Education Classes Grades 1-8


Sacrament Preparation for 1st Communion & 1st Penance


Confirmation Preparation


English Sunday

Spanish Saturday


Godparents & Sponsors 

Program Requirements 

Frequently Asked Questions 






Religious Education & R.C.I.A.

Director of Religious Education

Mr. Alberto Carrillo

Telephone Number: (801) 968-2123 x153


Religious Education Office Hours:

Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30am - 2pm and when catechism is in session, the office is open.

For registration inforomation please call the office of catechism for information.

Informacion para Registracion al Catecismo Por favor llame a la oficina de catecismo para recibir información.